About Us

Callaloo Corner was born out of the desire to recreate and share the authentic Trini tastes I grew up with.

As someone who loves to cook wonderfully delicious food from my native Trinidad and Tobago, I often created blends of pepper sauces (hot sauces) to infuse my dishes with real Trinidadian heat and true Caribbean flavours. Of course, in Trini style, I happily shared these sauces with family, friends and colleagues. The overwhelming demand and positive reviews encouraged me to share my sauces with the world.

My home-cooked vegan-friendly ready-made sauces are all created from natural ingredients and can be used as condiments in a variety of foods, including sandwiches, pasta, soups, vegetable dishes, meats, fish, stews, and curries. They can be mixed with other sauces e.g. BBQ, tomato ketchup, and mayo to enhance their flavours or as a marinade pre-cook, to add that Caribbean spice to meat and fish.

The spice lovers amongst us even use them as dips or chutneys for cheeseboards, breadsticks and vegetable sticks to get that instant hit.