Our Pepper Sauces

Scotch bonnet peppers, papaya, carrot, citrus, fresh herbs and spices

Suggestion: pairs with frankly anything and can be used to add flavour when seasoning meats, fish, and vegetarian substitutes before cooking

Scotch bonnet peppers, tamarind, beetroot, vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs and spices

Suggestion: goes well in pastas, multicultural sauces, from Italian to Indian

Scotch bonnet peppers, Mango, Apple, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, citrus, fresh herbs and spices

Suggestion: fruity notes pairs well with poultry, fish and meats

Scotch bonnet peppers, Chayote, tamarind, orange, fresh herbs, and spices

Suggestion: delicious when added to curries, dipping sauce for foods such as samosas, flavour enhancers to BBQ Sauces

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